Laird Scranton | Velikovsky | Ancient Catastrophes

Laird Scranton | Velikovsky | Ancient Catastrophes

Velikovsky Ancient Catastrophes. Laird Scranton joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where they discuss the controversial work of Immanuel Velikovsky and his book Worlds In Collision.

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  • Mr. Scranton:

    I found much of value in your “The Velikovsky Heresies”, including your stress on examining new evidence and your penetrating discussion of the calendrical issue.
    One approach would be to ask whether Velikovsky’s Venus theory could be part of a larger framework theory. At, you can find such a theory. See also the linked discussions of iconographic evidence and of related topics at
    Best wishes.

    Ken Dillon
    Washington, D.C.

  • I have only just come across your work though the video by Carmen Boulter on Ancient Egypt, entitled ‘The Pyramid Code’. So I have read none of your work and seen none of your videos. On Velikovsky, are you in touch with the Electric Universe group, for example, at or

    I look forward to reading your work on the Dogon, and watching your videos.

    Harrogate, UK

  • Your analysis of Velikovsky’s birth of Venus out of the head of Zeus gives me a problem.
    David Talbot is totally convinced that Venus was a compannion with Mars and The earth during the golden epoch as satelites of Saturn.
    If Venus already exited in the golden epoch as a satelite of Saturn, how could it have been born out of the head of Jupiter?
    I would like a discourse on the possibilities please

  • james hodson

    Thanks for the nicely comprehensive interview. However there is one point I noticed to be misleading, that is the reference to “Ages in Chaos” but then describing the geological example concerning Niagara Falls’ erosion which I think more properly should have been referenced as from “Earth in Upheaval” (pp. 161-162)wherein, interestingly, it is concluded that the glacial ice retreated… “between 1500 and 500 years before the present era.” .
    Incidentally, the object believed to have impacted Jupiter (presumably Metis )may have been erupted from Saturn. See material concerning a proto-Saturn, being a brown dwarf star as the”FIRST SUN” and generator of Earth(and possibly also Mars) according to the theory of “The Electrical Universe”.

  • Patricia Williams

    Great show

  • Joseph Black

    Dear Mr. Scranton,
    Reading your interesting “Velikovsky Heresies,” a logical problem with Drs. Velikovsky’s, Sagan’s and your analysis of the emergence of planet Venus is that people in 1/2 the world observed it in the afternoon, rivaling or exceeding the Sun, while many others observed it spectacularly emerging from the sea, presumably that night. Those who saw it in daylight wrote it appeared at the head of the king of the gods (Zeus). No one can readily see Jupiter any afternoon, much less its poles.
    I suggest people were in actuality quite shocked to see “comet” Venus (Metis?) being super-heated by passing close to our Sun.
    Please be in touch, as I value your opinions.
    Joe R. Black, Author
    Evolutionary Moons Creation Hypothesis

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